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Reporting for duty

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Stephen R


I spent a fair bit of my time today writing my bit of the status report which has to be handed in tomorrow. I also rigged up a UML plan of the code for impressiveness. I have no idea how UML actually works so I was kindof playing it by ear. I used violet to make it. When I'd finished putting it together I went to save, only to realize I couldn't - probably because I'd loaded it though java web start. I got around the problem by just taking a print screen, cropping out the excess and saving, I wasn't about to do the bloody thing all over again.

I did notice however that UML is a VERY coherrent way of representing code. I might plan out my apps using it from now on but I'm probably too lazy. Plus there's something fun about winging it.

Tomorrow I'm going to get back down to work on the shader test app, try to get it up nd running. This scene is almost over. A week or two and hopefully it'll be done. I know I've said that it would be done a while ago but I've never been able to judge time properly.
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Just in case you do decide to take up UML (I'd recommend it. It's cool). Get the book UML Distilled: Thrid Edition by Martin Fowler from Addison-Wesley. All you need to get started. Also, a great cheap (relatively) professional UML diagrammer that I use is Enterprise Architect

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