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I found Sarah Connor

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Today is officially my first day back in a little over two months as far as hobby game programming is concerned. I'm just a tad bummed because we're already a quarter into the new year and I don't have anything to quantify my time with other than the code on my hd.

It sucks sometimes how life, the economy and ones human nature can dictate so much of what you may feel and or how one reacts to those event driven emotions. At this stage I kinda feel like I'm in Dante's Inferno, Circle one "Those in limbo". Sitting here, waiting for someone to come and save my ass.

Anyway, it's time to dust of my code base which is just the early beginnings of a 3D engine that has a long way to go. The engines main purpose is to serve as a platform for a what I've decided to be a 3D fighting game.

After turning the Internet inside out, collecting as much data on fighting games imaginable. It is painfully clear that a 2D fighting game featuring the amount characters and list of necessary moves (that's the killer!) would be a futile attempt. Even so, 3D itself will be an undertaking but I feel like I at least stand a chance. What's the worse thing that could happen? (Don't answer that!).

There is another issue on the table too. Aside from the rigors and pimpage of everyday "life" there is the obstacle of recharging my motivation. Taking into account that I only have a certain amount of time to dedicate to this project each day. Factoring in my wants/feature list engine design wise, a large majority of what I want to implement fall into the category of "Um..I never implemented anything like this before". So here I am, staring at a laundry list of things of which I need to learn and books I need to read/buy/steal.

Bear with me, I'm getting to the motivation part. In order to maintain my sanity especially since I'm a highly visual person. I've decided to do a series of micro-games along the way as I'm sure my fighting game project will take at least a year+ working it alone. The micro-games will keep my artistic side happy and allow me to have something to show for my time as I work towards the main goal.

With that said, I'm looking to put together what is wittingly titled "Tech Demo 1?. Yes I know, I'm pretty clever...I even amaze myself at times :)

Tech Demo 1 is exactly what the title implies. The style of this demo will be a cross between the typical jump and run / run and shoot games. The demo will feature only one level, baddies with minimal A.I. and simple scoring.

The art work will be a cross over of anime and marvel style influenced graphics in a neo futuristic setting. There will be a simple set of play mechanics . Player has a gun, player can run, shoot, jump, duck, kill baddies and ultimately die if health is zero. The only objective is to survive the number of baddies on level one. This objective can be obtained by killing all baddies, or surviving the time limit if health is still intact.

I've uploaded the design doc which you can download here if you like.

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