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Right side of the brain action

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Nothing gets me going more than the joy of creating CG. I can and have literally sat for hours and hours making stuff in photoshop, drawing in a sketch book, creating 3D objects all while losing track of time. As it relates to game programming, creating my own graphics helps to keep me motivated while working towards the goal of seeing my artwork and visions come to life. I'm sure this is true for most...

Today, I started to put together some of the screens for "Tech Demo 1". For the most part I'm satisfied, it's not as if I'm trying to go all out, yet. Below are some screenshots of the menu screens, etc. During the session of creating these screens I had no idea what I wanted, most of the time I usually don't. These screens took a couple of hours to conceptualize and finish.

Next steps is to start designing the only level that will be in TD1 and punching out some character sketches. To keep it simple, I'm only going to shoot for three characters max including the main character. As far as animations, I'll need to keep those down to a minimum as well. I have a tendency sometimes of wanting to do too much even when the end result is minimal.

Hopefully I'll have some character sketches before the end of the weekend....

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