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Power of the pencil

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I have been doing 3D modeling and animation so much I actually forgot how fun it was to truly draw something. As I contemplate the look and feel of the "Ultimate 2D side scroller", I'm starting to lean more and more towards a hand drawn look.

Although, it would be nice to find a happy medium between using my 3D skills and drawing skills. Anyway, I guess it nice to have a dilemma such as this because AFAIK concerned it's a win / win for me.

As I began this trek to create the "Ultimate 2D side scroller" for old school sake :) ... My old 2D engine comes to mind, (nightmares ensue) I don't even think I'm even going to dust that thing off. I'm going to have to rebuild from scratch...joy.

But all in all the key here is not for me to create a visually stunning experience (which wont be hard) but to create an enjoyable fast past and exciting experience on the game play side.

This time, I'm going to spend way more time designing this game and creating puzzles to make it fun. I have created enough of the point and shoot side scroller type games in the past. Now I need to prove I can actually make it fun.

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