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Away for the weekend

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Stephen R


I won't be able to post again till Sunday. I'm heading off to the country for the weekend. I'll be bringing the laptop along so I'll be able to do some coding but since it has no graphics card to speak of I won't be working on Blind.

Me and the artist handed in the status report to the vice principal today. He seemed impressed so I doubt there will be any trouble continuing the project.

We were mulling over our plans for Blind today though. We decided that as cool as the demo was, neither of us wanted to spend a full school year on it. We decided that once I have this scene finished we will put two more scenes into the demo, polish it up and pack it away. The last scene won't be that difficult but the middle scene is quite ambitious. We gave ourselves a deadline of early January to have most of the work done and have it fully finished and tested by the end of the month. It'll be tough going but we should be able to pull it off.

Since I'm not going to be able to work on the demo for the next three days, I've decided to rig up a simple Java game. I've downloaded the JDK1.5 along with the docs so I should be set. It been a while since I've used Java but it shouldn't be a problem. Me and the artist had a very good brainstorming session. It was based around me going through my DVD collection and each of us saying what type of game that film inspired in us. They usually weren't closely related to the film at all. It was quite fun.
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It'll be free. I'm no hitlarite. Hopefully it'll be enjoyable but I have no illusions about it being cutting edge graphically.

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