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Windows 7

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Cleared out a spare partition and installed the Windows 7 Release Candidate. Took 90 minutes before I saw the desktop which wasn't impressive given Vista takes all of 30 minutes to do the same.

But that's nothing compared to the fact that it's almost totally unresponsive once it gets to the desktop. Even trying to get task manager and My Computer loaded failed!

I hope for its sake that it was just busy doing some 1-time initialization or whatever. A fast quad core with plenty of RAM really shouldn't be struggling with viewing the start menu [lol]
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Yup, Win7 is not a happy bunny. Doesn't like some part of my hardware configuration - got as far as loading 'My Computer' this time and then it hung.

Oh well, glad that Vista supports Direct3D 11 [headshake]

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It took me 15 mins top from start to desktop installing Windows 7.

Takes me far longer to install vista, but i guess it can be my hardware or something is more compatible.

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Maybe the fact that one of my HDD's won't be detected is why it took so long. It's too stupid to give up and just keeps on trying...

Which is odd as they are two identical physical drives, one is fine and the other isn't. [lol]

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