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More R7 goodness

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Had a good run this evening working on Epoch Release 7; the main bits I've added are as follows:

  • map() function for applying a unary function to a series (list) of elements

  • reduce() function for applying a binary function to a series (list) of elements, tracking the result

  • The new future() function, which constructs a future that can be used to asynchronously initialize variables

  • The new var() function constructs a variable and infers its type from the second parameter to the function

  • And of course the usual horde of minor fixes and enhancements, especially to the way certain operations are implemented

This prunes down the TODO list a bit:

  • Unary operators

  • Parenthetical expressions (for overriding precedences)

  • Custom message allocator to avoid locking on the heap when sending task messages

  • Fix some bugs in nested response map support

  • Improve syntax for nested structure initialization

  • Buffer entity (both stack and heap types)

  • Type aliases (aka. typedefs)

  • Change task IDs to string variables for easier metaprogramming

  • Perform complete code review for exception safety, documentation, code cleanliness, error handling robustness, and elimination of hardcoded strings/magic numbers

Still can't make any predictions on when any of this will be ready to ship, but I'm still plugging away, so it'll be fairly soon(TM) [smile]

I'm also strongly considering moving the codebase over to Google Code so I can get some proper version control and a nice off-site backup.
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