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Weekly Sitrep

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Hello, June! My but you got here fast now didn't you? How the hell is this year half over already? Somebody explain this to me please.

GDNet 10-Year Anniversary

Speaking of time flying, would you believe that next week, on June 10th, this website will in fact be 10 years old?? Well you better, because it's true! The original roots of the site date back a few years earlier, but GDNet was founded as a company on June 10th, 1999. I'm very proud to have had the privilege to work with all these fine folk here for very nearly that long as well, and am always loving meeting new people through this awesome community.

So what's in store for you all next week? Well I'm going to leave the Big Reveal to Superpig - so you can pretty much guess what it is. He's working on his own timetable, that will hopefully coincide with our 10th anniversary next week. Fingers crossed!!

Even if we can't give you a wonderful treat on that day, rest assured that we have great things coming soon that will carry us very well through the next 10 years. I'm actually going to say 15, since 25 years is the next milestone worth celebrating.

Considering how we've managed to make it 10 years with the site the way it is now, I can't wait to see how things move forward with the new V5 platform, which is the first complete website rewrite since GDNet was launched (I'm pretty sure). It's like GameDev.net 2 (v5)!!

E3 Coverage - where art thou?

You may have noticed a dearth of E3-related stuff from us. If you're wondering, we've never really covered E3 in any fashion, so it's not unusual. Dave and Tiff checked it out and wrote up their impressions back in 2004, but it's just to consumer-oriented for us. It's similar to people asking why we don't review/publicize games. We're not Games.net, we're GameDev.net.

That said, there's a lot of game dev related stuff (like the new motion controllers, game engines, etc) being announced at E3, and we're filling all away to watch for later on down the road, when we can approach these tools and tech from a development perspective.

This year we have a couple of local people at the convention checking it out. We'll see how things are looking next year.

New IB GDNet book excerpt

There's another audio excerpt up on Industry Broadcast from the GDNet Collection book Advanced Game Programming:

Audio Article #114: Multi-threaded/Machine Coding with the Actor Model

I've been meaning to record some more content from the books as well myself. This is a great way to get a glimpse at some of the content available in these books. All the recorded excerpts are original articles written for these books. For a complete listing of excerpts, click here

GameX Industry Summit Interns and Call for Papers

GDNet is involved with the GameX Industry Summit, and it's looking for interns to help with the conference/expo as well as people to speak at the summit.

We're hoping this can become a big annual east-coast game development summit, so if you have a topic you'd like to speak about please let us know! Submissions are tight lately - Austin GDC had to extend their deadline multiple times, and so might we. So spread the word to your friends and colleagues!

New Resources

  • Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 Unleashed - Chapter 22: Creating a 3D Game

  • TortoiseSVN - SVN is a top-notch version control server, but you still need a decent way to talk to it. TortoiseSVN is a friendly and integrated (and free) SVN client. Read about it here.

New Events
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I'm glad GameDev has been around for 10 years! I've found a lot of help on these forums and great information!

Thanks GameDev!

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And 2 month later I joined the community... it has been a great time being around with all the folks visiting the site... and I'm sure that the next 15 years will be as interesting as the 10 last years have been!

Have fun,

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RE: E3 coverage; I take the point that we're GameDev.net, but I think some of the consumer peripherals will be the next devices that some of us may be coding for, so things like Natal and the Sony Motion device would be extremely interesting to developers

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Original post by evolutional
RE: E3 coverage; I take the point that we're GameDev.net, but I think some of the consumer peripherals will be the next devices that some of us may be coding for, so things like Natal and the Sony Motion device would be extremely interesting to developers

That's what I was referring to when I said that these are all things that will be visited later on from a game dev perspective. All these things were announced but technical details are still scarce as they continue in their development. Rest assured that once they become closer to actual products we'll be looking at them more closely.

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