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Untitled SENG Game: Manual Updates

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So I've made a number of changes in the way the SENG RPG system works over the past few months. I'm finally getting around to putting those changes into the documentation. That may seem like a task that should wait until there's actually a game to go with it, but right now all I have is a big text file with vague notes on the changes I've made. Moving it into the real documentation is as much for my benefit as anyone else, so that I have a definitive place to look when I'm trying to remember how something is supposed to work.

Also as part of the documentation I've been moving things like spell descriptions, formerly only available in-game, into the manual as well. These are auto-generated by a program (that shares most of its source code with the game code itself). So, a spell description in-game might look like this:

Whereas in the manual, in HTML format, it might look something like this (well, sort-of; I can't get all the formatting into this post):

Touch of Fear

Type: Spell
Skill: Void Magic
Level: 0
Cost: 40
Attribute: Intelligence

Inflicts a penalty to statistics:

  • Attack Points

  • Damage Points

Attack Points: 20
Damage Points: 20
Saving Throw: Fortitude

This spell chills the heart of one enemy, hindering the effects of that beings attacks for a time.

Optimistically, I'll say I'm about halfway done with making these updates. Perhaps I'll post the manual here when I've finished up the changes.

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