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Epoch's New Home

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I've officially opened up the Google Code site for Epoch, at http://code.google.com/p/epoch-language/ (alternatively reachable at http://epoch-language.googlecode.com/ as well).

So far there's no content there, but as R7 nears completion I'll start setting up more stuff. The finished R7 code will be the first code committed to the VCS trunk, and the R8 project will fork a branch shortly thereafter. R8 has some really cool stuff coming so I'm looking forward to letting everyone play with the R8 code while it's in development.

On a totally unrelated note, I discovered a hideously bad bug in the infix operator logic today, so I'm in the process of rewriting that. By forfeiting a couple of really trivial optimizations (evaluating arithmetic expressions at compile time) I've simplified the work of the parser dramatically, so it should be easier to get correct results robustly and reliably now. The optimizations will go back in much later, as part of a separate multi-pass code improvement system. (Right now the optimizer is seriously far off in the future, unfortunately.)

I'm still torn on whether I want to track most of my stuff on the GC side or over here. (Or, worse yet, I could cross-post all my updates to both sites. Eurgh!) I'm leaning towards staying here, largely out of habit, and largely because there's already people watching this space for Epoch news. Pulling the plug on the main channel of information sounds rather pointless to me.

We shall see, I suppose. For now, I'm going to go back to burying my head in R7, and hopefully we'll see that sucker ship here sometime soon.
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Google code is a delightful host for projects, but you're going to find that the wiki there is completely useless and you'll probably end up removing it [grin]

It's a good place for hosting code, issues, and downloads, but you won't want to use it as a place for news.

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