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VRTank 0.3.5

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This version has a lot of changes and new features!

Download here

- appearance prob for flight pack now 15% (-10%); green 50% (+10%)
- mine cost increased from 1 to 7 for multiplayer
- mine blast radius increased from 0.025 to 0.2; height from 0.006 to 0.025
- shield bug fixed.
- steering inversion option (more like a real vehicle). Some people may prefer this. It's off by default.
- chat console is now 12 lines and moved up. Chat window repositioned slightly.
- removed shields from weapon pickups
- hyper suicide glitch fixed
- "restore defaults" for key bindings
- hyperspace effect
- key binding system improved
- missiles now live only 52% as long - 6 seconds
- weapon list is now permanently on the screen
- weapon pickup mode (weapons are now a random pickup from the arena - purple powerup) - this mode is off by default.
- death cause message

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