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Yesterday evening I've finished my implementation of the ShaderConstantTable which stores the constants for a shader (either vertex- or pixelshader). I've also implemented the constant passing to the hardware via the appropriate D3DX interfaces. And it all comes along as expected.

Nevertheless, I had to do a little hack into my ConstantTable to test the passing. I've yet to think about a good way how to pass the parameter from the main application fown to the ConstantTable.

The ConstantTable is stored within my shader class. You can access the table through a get* function. Now, the shader can be loaded by the renderdesc class which in fact is my xml mirror of the D3DX effect file format. I don't really want to pass every parameter through the renderdesc to the constanttable to the renderkernel.

Perhaps I should just have a set of predefined vars (such as time, world, view, proj, worldview, worldviewproj, etc).
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