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Wrapping it up

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Over the past few months I have been making small fixes to the game, but also doing a lot of release-related work. What is that, you ask? Well for those developers who haven't been through the process, I'll elaborate :

1) Made a fully automated asset build system. One batch file packs up all the relevant assets ( and skips unused assets ), gets the latest exe & dlls, signs the exe, applies the license mgr to the exe, then runs the installer, then signs the resulting installer exe.

2) Made a new asset packing system. Was using Molebox ( great program, btw ) to pack up the assets, dlls & exe into one large exe. Worked well until I tried to pack up the game afterwards with SoftwarePassport - so I had to leave some assets unpacked, and make my own pak format for dds, x, csv and text files.

3) Improved & fixed the installer, using NSIS Installer, great, scriptable and free.

4) Changed the game from shareware/registered exe versions to a single unlockable exe.

5) Tested the DRM, download & order process

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Only just noticed there is now a demo available. Now downloading and great to see this project is still alive.

[EDIT] Very, very cool. Have only had a quick go but it all feels very professional.

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