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Multi-quad shapes

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Yay! My webspace is all speedy quick again. Thanks, GameDev.

I've just finished adding basic support to the editor and the game for supporting objects that are constructed from more than one quad. The two little tetris-style blocks in the above are each made from three separate quads.

The system allows for any number of quads to now make up a given actor and will be of more use in creating things like moving platforms or large drawbridges that would be constructed from repeated shapes or map tiles, without having to store the actual platform or drawbridge or whatever as a sprite, wasting texture space.

The quad information is encoded in the editor in a string a bit like the way that shape info is stored, then converted into binary information when the level is saved or exported.

Again, it is fiddly as hell to set up, but a toolchain to make all this easier is far, far down the road and I'm happy to struggle for now.


Hmm. Turns out moving platforms aren't working so well - objects on top of them skid about badly. I could attempt to solve this by creating distance joints between the platform and an object that comes into contact with it, but it seems like a lot of complexity and problems for an unnecessary feature.

So moving platforms are officially out. There.


Yeah, was looking on the Box2D forums and Boris the Brave, who is one of the main contributors and knows his stuff, seems to think that moving platforms of the type I wanted need support for kinematic objects, which Box2D does not support.


Whole of GameDev seems speedy as anything at the moment - good to see. I thought for a while that SuperPig's preview stuff of the new site was slowing things down but those links still work so I guess not.

If I'm honest, I kind of have mixed feelings about GD V5. I actually really love the site exactly as it is bar for the slowdowns that happen sometimes. I guess I need to reserve judgement until I have a better idea of what changes are afoot.

I'd personally hate to see the rating system change as I think it works very well and is one of the main things that keeps GD so different from all the other nonsense tech sites, but I guess as many disagree as agree so it is pretty subjective I guess.

But, damnit, I like my number. [grin]


Couple more screenshots to share since the webspace is so zippy. First a more complex object and some spherical debris.

I also found a really nice font at my favourite free font site for the GUI that I think fits the feel of the game much better than the previous one. Here's the graphics options screen viewed at 800x600.

Back making a few small steps every night now which is nice.


Had a job interview earlier in the week for a job I am really keen on moving to from my current role. Interview went really well and I think I performed. Only slight problem is that the role requires a CRB check so I had to declare a couple of stupid cautions I recieved about nine years ago.

Hopefully that won't be a spanner in the works as I think this job would really suit me. It's basically an employment consultant, helping long term unemployed people back into work (for a private company, not the DHSS).

I've been in that situation myself when I was younger so I understand how it feels but I've also got a lot of experience of presenting to fairly senior clients so I figure I've got both ends of the spectrum.

We shall see. Keep your gooey arms crossed.
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Looks like Squishy can rip up chunks of the scenery now with your irregular objects textures.

I agree though, Squishy seems to have developed a bit of an attitude with his new expressions. I don't know if that is a bad thing.

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It started when I decided to add in the ability to close his eyes - this was to do with the entrance effect. Originally his eyelids slanted the other way and he looked quite cute but scared and worried so one day I tried reversing the direction and Squishy with attitude was born.

The eyelid system takes a value from 0-1 for fully closed to fully open so I can quite easily give him different facial expressions in cut-sequences if such things ever actually get done.

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