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Emacs font locking: highlighting comment lines

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Posted from http://jlongster.com/blog/2009/06/9/font-locking-highlighting-code-section-headers/.


Emacs font locking: highlighting comment lines

June 09, 2009

I recently tried an package called Quack which adds a bunch of commands for writing and running Scheme code in Emacs. Although I don't use it anymore, one thing I really like was how it highlighted comment lines with a depth of 3 or more (meaning ";;;" in Scheme, or "///" in C or javascript). It turns out this was really nice, since it ends up highlighting file-level comments at the top and section headers throughout the code.

I think this looks much nicer than other techniques, such as repeating the comment character 40 times to indicate a line (e.g. ";;;;;;;;;;;;" over and over). If everyone on a project wrote code this simple way, each person would get to choose how to view those kinds of comments.

I wanted to separate this functionality into its own package so that I could use it in languages other than Scheme. I have never written any Emacs Lisp before, so although it was pretty brutal, I ended up with something that works rather nicely. Use it if you want.

(defconst jwl-title-face 'jwl-title-face)
(defface jwl-title-face
'((((class color) (background light))
(:background "DarkSeaGreen1" :foreground "grey25"))
(((class color) (background dark))
(:background "DarkGrey")))
"Face used for titles.")

(defun jwl-generate-highlight-keywords (comment-char)
`((,(concat "^\\([ \t]*"
"[ \t]*"
1 jwl-title-face prepend)))

(lambda ()
(jwl-generate-highlight-keywords ";"))))

(lambda ()
(jwl-generate-highlight-keywords "#"))))

(lambda ()
(jwl-generate-highlight-keywords "/"))))

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