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Weekly Sitrep

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Happy Birthday GameDev.net!!!

Today is the day, gleefully coinciding with my weekly sitrep! Yes it was on this day back in 1999 that the name GameDev.net was officially incorporated. The community and the concept behind the site however stretches back a few more years as Sweet.Oblivion. I wasn't around for that but I have been extremely lucky to have been around the past 9 years (this Sept) and working with such great people here on the GDNet team for the past 8.

It's probably only visible to people like myself who have been around more than 5 years, but the site and community has really come into its own and matured very well since its inception. I love how so many members of the community that joined way back at the start of the century/millennium are now employed in the games industry, or making games for themselves. Better yet, they're still here on the forums, passing on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of game developers. This is a "Circle of Life" here at GDNet - people start here to learn how to make games, and once they get off and running they're compelled to give back to what helped make them who they are today.

I salute all the members of this great community because, as I've said many times here before, this site would not be the same without you. I look forward to many years of GDNet still to come!

V5 Rollout - what it means for you

This may not have been entirely clear in superpig's journal, so I'll say it here again: We are looking forward to your feedback on V5. There's a damn good reason we're rolling out things a bit at a time rather than dumping an entirely new site on your laps. Besides keeping Richard in a sane state of mind with incremental updates, we want to know what you think about our ideas for V5, which have been brewing amongst the Ops team and the mods for the past two years.

V5 is an entire rewrite of the GDNet code base. This has not been done since the original creation of the website, back in 1999 and will probably not be done again for at least another 5 years, hopefully more. We hope that you would like to spend the next 5+ years with us, so make sure we're doing things to the website that you like. We've gone to great lengths to get a good handle on our audience (all you fine folk out there reading this) and have come up with what we think are a ton of awesome things you will all love, but we can never be 100% sure.

How can you make sure we're doing a good job? Check superpig's journal. RSS it, bookmark it, whatever. He'll be making a lot more updates now that things are rolling out. Make good use of the bug submission feature he has built in to the new site, but obviously don't overdue it.

Post your feedback on general issues in his journal, and don't hold back! If you think we're doing something wrong then tell us! Obviously "dude this idea is teh suck" will not garner much attention from us - be elaborate in your views so we can understand why you think idea/feature x is a bad one.

We look forward to developing V5 with you all, because we know that you're developers as well.

Come out and Play in NYC

I missed putting this on the Events calendar, so I'm going to give them a shout-out here. As quoted from nycgameindustry.com:
This year - Come Out & Play's fourth! - will be like the last three years only better, thanks in part to an amazing lineup of partners. The cream of the locative gaming crop are converging in NYC to run their very best games in Times Square, Central Park, Hell's Kitchen, and Pier 84; there will be awesome parties on Friday and Saturday night with games, booze, and prizes; Come Out & Play is also giving out awards to the best games at a special ceremony on Sunday; and there'll be a titillating panel discussion on Saturday morning about the intersections of geography and urban gaming.
If you have a free weekend coming up and you're living in NYC, this is a great way to get outside and play some games - and the weather this weekend is looking beautiful, if a little on the cool side.

GameX Industry Summit

The GXIS has a new website up, which is a significant improvement on the old one, which I yelled at the organizers for. Check it out!

GXIS is still looking for speaker proposals. This is a small conference, a great opportunity for developers to work on their presentation skills and maybe test out a talk that they're thinking of submitting to the GDC or other large-scale conferences.

You can also now purchase tickets to the summit for the pre-register price of $55. Yea, $55. For all three days of the Summit and the Expo. And the parties, of course! Developers really have no excuse not to come to this event, especially if you live anywheres on the east coast.

New Resources

  • Rendering Water as a Post-process Effect - This article presents a screen-space approach to water rendering. The technique makes water look realistic by focusing on aspects rarely taken into account like colour extinction. It is based on observation rather than on mathematical model.

  • Game Design Round Table 2 - Achievement Unlocked: This forum round table discussed the use of achievements in game design. Overview of the discussion inside, and link to the complete thread
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