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Square One

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Hello there and welcome to my journal! I hope to tell you, in this post, a bit about myself, my previous forays into game development and where I plan to go in the future.

About Me
I'm a 20 year old student studying for a degree in Natural Sciences (I learn a bit of physics and a bit of chemistry (the bit just being physics-lite)) so I have no formal Computer Science education which I think will be a problem. Has anyone been in a similar position to me and how did you find it?

So, at the moment I have a long holiday from uni and am living in London to keep my part-time job going. So to avoid boredeom I decided to get back into game development, which I have done on and off for years (more on what I've done a bit later). This on and off behaviour always seems to coincide with holidays. I never really wanted that to happen as I want it to be a bit more serious than just a boredom-reliever. So I signed up for GDNet+ to encourage me to continue it after the summer has gone.

My game development history starts about four years ago when I started learning C++ with the book C++ Primer Plus. After a couple of false starts I eventually made a text adventure with the level/enemies/items hard-coded. Then about a year later I did pretty much the same thing again with C#.

It wasn't until a year or two ago that I actually got proper graphics on the screen using SDL and LazyFoo's tutorials. With this I made a Noughts and Crosses game and started on a Duck Hunt clone before the summer ended. All these games I'm pretty sure are lost after I had to reinstall everything on my laptop after a major malfunction.

Ok, so I have a list games I want to make and what I hope to learn from each one. Hopefully this will give me a gradual learning curve:

  • Two player Pong - This will hopefully get me back up and running to where I have got to in the past

  • Breakout - Levels (from a file), High Score

  • Shmup - Scrolling, Basic AI

  • Pac Man - More complex AI

  • Platformer - Bring it all together

Thanks for reading this post and I will try to post updates on my progress regularly.

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to journal land, and I look forwards to reading about your progress. [smile]

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