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R7 and your imminent doom

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If you've been desperately F5'ing my journal for the last few days, you'll have noticed that every evening or so I manage to scratch off yet another item or three from the Evil To-Do List.

If you've noticed that, chances are you've also noticed that the list is down to a single item - namely, updating the bytecode system to handle all the new features and such that are coming in R7. This job is fairly minor, but very tedious - which is why I've postponed it for so long.

However, I now face an empty, lonely Saturday afternoon in the wastelands of boredom. This means I'm going to break down and get that last item ticked off.

Once that's taken care of, I'll immediately begin packaging R7. There will be a new format for distributions from now on, based loosely on the GDC'09 release structure. And of course all downloads are now hosted over on the Epoch Language site on Google Code.

Another big item is that the R7 code will be checked in to the Mercurial repository provided by GC. This means that you can get stable snapshots of the code in release packages, unstable snapshots at any time from the repository, and of course there will be a comprehensive listing of changes and fixes made in the code. There's also now an official bug/request tracker.

From here on out I plan to be very detailed in keeping track of updates in each release. So in the future it should be much easier to get an idea of what each release actually contains.

For now, though, I have to stare at this really boring bytecode crap until my urge to kick R7 out the door overcomes my desire to be hideously lazy.
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