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After diving into the camera code to fix the fps-independence issue, I remembered something I heard from a director on a popular animated CG movie. He suggested adding noise to the camera movement. He also suggested that doing some tricks that make it look like a real cameraman is working is even better.

However, just adding 4 octave noise to the desired camera position is enough to add a bit of life to an otherwise static camera angle, without being distracting.

I'm also getting more interested in 3d stereo and may try to make AG play nice with 3d stereo - haven't tried it yet, although I have a 61" 3D ready Samsung DLP TV that is begging for me to try AG on it!

In other news, we have had some sales of Ancient Galaxy, but haven't received much feedback other than the sales themselves.

I'm curious if there is any feedback from those who have tried it so far...?

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I'm enjoying it. I was surprised at how well the gun combat works in 3rd person - it's fun. Some of the sounds could do with a bit more polish imho, but the music is great - really sets the tone well.

It's a bit too easy to skip over the information screens at the start. The first time I played I missed the one mentioning the Skull Key, which left me wondering around looking for it. OK, I'm an idiot! but maybe other potential customers are too.

Similarly, on reaching the ship there was far too much new stuff to learn about. It sounds interesting, but at that point in the game I've not invested enough time to be too concerned with what seem like the deeper game mechanics, so I skip most of it and decide to come back later.

Hope this doesn't come across as too negative - overall it looks and feels really good. A few extra little bits of polish would make it *shine*.

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Hey Sim,

Overall I am impressed with the game. There are a few nit-picky things that could have been a little different, but it seems like the game was well thought out and was implemented cleanly.

I thought the scanner animation was a little too quick (to the point that I almost didn't see it the first time...), but other than that the first level looked pretty good. There could have been more objects filling the area, but it still passed as an acceptable environment.

As I get time to go through the other two demo levels I'll try to post more feedback.

On a separate note, I was wondering how you are planning to advertise or promote the game. This is an area that I haven't touched on myself, and thought it would be an interesting topic for a journal entry... What do you think?

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