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Level Editor In Alpha 3 Stage!

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Sadly I didn't get a lot of time to make a maze game today because I was very busy with the engine code. The engine code consist of a few classes that you add into your project, which will read all of the files from the level editor and setups everything. This allows me to make any size map with as many tiles, objects, players, and enemies as I want with positions saved and more. Not to mention the collision system works like a charm and carries over. I can then take everything and merge it into my game without having to do anything but making an object of the engine class and calling the load functions.

Now onto the level editor which has hit the alpha 3 stage. Here are some screen shots of the new GUI that I made. I'm using my Game # 1 (Holy Warfare: Demon Brutes) graphics.

Layer viewing has been fully enabled. You also get a gray background showing your map area. Camera problems got fixed due to an issue with tiling on the bottom section of the map on bigger maps. Some minor additions have also been added such as a bigger map display screen.

Be sure to check out the video in my last entry of you haven't yet.

Watch the video below:

" target="_blank">

The next video I will be making will be a live presentation of me making a level, along with making it into a small game from nothing but a new project file with C# and XNA while using the editor and engine. Stay tuned!

Check Out My Blog: http://www.pawliukstudios.com/blog/
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