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Tangent: Refactoring, Part 1

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The first part of my bulldozer refactoring is complete. The core library for Tangent was a mess because I just added things along as I went. Plus I'm lazy and don't have great practices even when I'm not lazy. As a result the core library was 7200 lines of code across a mere 8 files. Bleh! Even I had gotten tired of the big cluttered files.

So I went through and focused on simply reorganizing things. No major code changes, just cut/paste into a new solution. The thing at least looks vaguely professional at first glance now. The solution is up to 7700 lines in 120 code files, nicely organized into a sane directory structure.

The next step is renaming some of the things that are not-consistent across the project. After that will be additional comments and actual logical re-arrangement.
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