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So it's been dropped..

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Isn't it kind of funny how dropping a university level course is much like breaking up with a girl? The feel of the load taken off is great, but there's still the emotional discourse of it not working out the way you expected it to. Well I've said I'd post more about my game so I'll start off with a bit of the background story, and the genre. Since I like to do things backwards I'm gonna say it's an RPGesque action game, from top down view(because it's easier to make art for that view). As for the backstory(v1.0):

"Once upon a time in a square volcano up by where Santa lives, a big yellow ball with a mean face one it, was taking a vacation away from the volcano. When he was near the top of the volcano, he realised that he forgot his truck keys. Suddenly out of nowhere came a loud whooshing noise. After that instant all the balls except him were mutated. Simply getting back a set of truck keys isn't going to be so easy anymore."

Who said this game has to be normal?
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Yes... but there are some notable few things that you can get from a girl that are not *often* found in the uni lecturing halls...

there. I said it. Happy? Granted I hid it, but who cares??!

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well if you didn't put the usually in your post, it wouldn't have intrigued me, what is it exactly you get from a girl that is possible to find in uni lecture halls?

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