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Why I got a Journal Here

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There are many blogging websites around, and in fact, I have my own website on which I could host a blog, but I decided to pay the GDNet+ fee and open one here.

My reasons for this are because I believe having my blog here will give me greater exposure. More importantly, I will get more informed comments. That being said, I could have also opened a blog at Gamasutra for the same effect, but I'm more familiar with the GameDev crowd. I've been a member here since July 2002 (7 years!), which is a long time in the technology world. On top of that, it was using the resources at GameDev.net that I learned much about game development (e.g. NeHe, Matrix/Quaternion FAQ). I feel a much stronger connection here, so this is where I'm penning my thoughts.

Though perhaps if there was some way to post to many blogs at once, I could use that. I think I've seen stuff that can do that, but I'm not a "web guy", so I don't really know. However, something to manage the online life would be wonderful. I have 12 emails, countless website registrations, numerous subscriptions, I actually do have many blogs (I don't use them), and so on. A system that could track all that, and in particular archive my posts and the threads/discussions they're in, would be a very useful thing. Any ideas?

One thing to clarify, I'm going to be writing here about things that I am absolutely not any sort of qualified expert on. If I get something wrong, do correct me, but don't expect perfection. I will also greatly appreciate it if people can point out resources or papers (I have access to the ACM library) that I should read.

Now I'm going to post some things in rapid succession here. Just because I never really "blogged" much before doesn't mean I don't write things down. This pace will not continue (unless you really like it).

One last thing, I'm available for projects and temp work, so please contact me if you have any.

Darryl Barnhart
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