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Camera Shots

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Based on comments to this blog, and from one of our testers, I added some camera paths to the 1st level of the game.

Camera paths are one of the features I added to the game quite a while ago, but never really exploited as much as I could have.

Camera paths are non-interactive sequences where you lose control of your character, and the camera follows a specific path through the scene, set via keyframes. Pretty standard for many games, and especially good for games where pressing a button in one spot can open a door elsewhere.

The interface for creating cameras in the editor is pretty good - you just move the level camera where ever you want, then hit 'New Camera', and it will create a camera to mirror the current camera position & orientation. You can then add a 'cam_path' string to the camera keyframe that puts it on a certain path - all camera keyframe with the same string are combined into a path - and also a float called 'cam_path_time' that is used to sort the camera keyframes in order. You can also add a 'cam_pause' time that is used to pause the camera once it reaches a keyframe.

You can also select a camera then force the level editor camera to match it, but I need to add a way to re-fit a selected camera to the level editor camera after creating it.

So, I added a camera path at the very beginning to show you where to scan your 1st symbol, then I added a camera to show you the skull key, then I added two camera paths to show that the buttons raise the gates near the end of the level. I may add another to show off the ship hangar doors opening as well.

As I go through the game for more testing & tweaking in anticipation of a patch, I will look for other places to place camera paths as well.

I remember playing Blade of Darkness - great game btw, that would do a camera path through the level, not enough to give pieces of the level away, but just enough to give you a mood for the place, along with good music and a nice voice-over going through the history of the place.

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