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SimArson @ TOJam

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On May 1st, I participated in TOJam in Toronto. There I produced SimArson, which can be seen here among many other excellent games. You can also get it on my website.

As my website states, this program includes the following features and technologies:

  • GPU simulated flame propagation

  • (ridiculous) HDR bloom/streaks

  • 2D shader metaballs

  • Per-pixel Phong lighting and refraction

  • Various colour adjustments (e.g. rock wetness)

  • Fire and water shaders

  • Velocity field based motion blur (i.e. the one where you stretch the geometry in the direction of motion)

  • OpenGL, FBOs, GLSL

  • GLEW, Win32, Boost, Box2D, Corona Image Library

Everything else was hand coded by myself. The windowing framework and a number of utilities were developed prior to the event. The essential gameplay, rendering, shaders and physics setup were coded at the event, with much embellishment in the following 2 weeks. Needless to say, I was exhausted afterwards, as you can see in a photo of me sleeping in a writeup on the Torontoist blog.

To note, I had a lot of serious problems making it work on the ATI platform, and the comments in the ATI readme were made in a moment of intense frustration. But seriously, those bugs were crazy! In the end, I gave up supporting ATI. Mainly, because I don't own an ATI card, and fixing the kind of bugs you get with ATI on a friend's hardware through MSN is nigh impossible.

And a pretty image:

Also, all the shaders are stored in txt files, and there are some interesting commented out lines in there. In "fsFinal.txt" there are two ways to render water drops and one to render blood. In "fsStreak.txt" there is a very silly alternate way to calculate "float angle" that results in streaks reminiscent of waving tentacles. I call it "tentacle bloom" and expect to receive significant interest from Japanese developers. :p

Feel free to tweak away, and keep me apprised of the results!
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