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Beelz RGDK Mark 2

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The night before last I was working on getting a simple game going to test some things out and I realize one major with my current code: it was kind of backwards. The way the code was laid out, the initialize stuff was done in my core and then the other components handled stuff (like the Graphics::DrawImage() and such); this is not what I'm after.

The simplest way to put it is I want the core to have more powerful features/customizations that Beelz doesn't offer (for those wondering, this way I can add extra customization in the future. At the moment I'm just trying to get the whole thing up and running.) So, you'd have the core, then on top of that, Beelz's "API" or whatever you want to call it, and then my game. On top of the fact that this is not how it was setup, the core also wasn't very powerful; it was really quite weak (so, in short, the power and work was spread evenly.)

So, the gist is, the core of Beelz will be all of your common SDKs (like graphics, audio, and input) smashed together, but simplified (i.e. instead of having 50 lines of code to make a window the core will have one function, it will offer functions to enumerate graphics stuff like settings and whatnot, etc.) Then, when I want to do something more complex (lets say, show a user settings dialog), Beelz will have a function or something (yea, I know that's REALLY simplifying it, but I can't think of a better example at the moment lol) and the core will do all of the hard work.

AAANNNYway, I sat down and redesigned it between the night before last and tonight and it's going a lot better. I've got the window stuff back in, with the extra stuff I wanted for it, as well as most of the input system and a important source I had forgotten (the mouse wheel.)

I also started a math library for it and have gotten most of the components I'll need for now. My vector classes are fully functional yet (I don't have functions for some of the more advanced stuff like projecting) nor is my matrix class (it's set up with all of the basic operations as well as buidling an off-center orthographic matrix, a translation matrix, and the rotation matrices for the x, y, and z axis.) I plan on adding a random number generator and then just adding more features as I need them (Yes, I am aware of the fact that Direct3D comes with fully functional graphics math classes, but neither Win32 nor Direct3D offer decent Point, Size, or Rectangle classes and I figured I was writing those, I might as well write the others. Plus, at some point I hope to release this for others to use (the GUI module at the very least and I know I keep saying that lol), and it seems "unprofessional" to make them use Win32 or Direct3D's classes.)

I think tomorrow will hold the completion of the core's logging system and possibly the core's graphics system. I'm kind of torn on audio APIs though. I've been using Audiere which is ok (it's very simplified and thus VERY easy to get up and running), but irrKlang seems to be much more feature-full while still being pretty simple. Any suggestions? (Obviously I'm looking for something that's free and has a decent license.) Sometime between now and when I plan to release it I'll probably write my own, but abhor audio programming (mostly because it's not what I'm into and thus have no experience) and don't feel like dealing with that at the present time.

I guess it's time for bed; hopefully I'll have a post with better news come tomorrow night (posts about starting over always make me sad lol, even if it's needed.)
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