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It's Not Over Yet

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Still not finished Two Player Pong. But things I have done today are add a sound effect that will play when the ball hits a wall or player (I intend to put in two different tones but I have only found one at the moment - I was only looking for one to make sure I had set up SDL_mixer right [smile]).

Also I have rejigged some of the collision detection parts so that instead of seeing if the ball/wall/player collide with each other *now*, I see if they *will* collide in the next frame and take steps to make sure they don't overlap and only touch. At the moment I have ball-wall and player-wall collisions working and only the right side of player one and left side of player two (ie neither the top or bottom faces).

Tomorrow, I plan to finish the collision detection, change the title screen so that it tells the player the controls, add a winning screen, add another beep and release (if I can work out how to do it).

Thanks for reading.
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