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First screenshot

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Well, logging isn't finished, but I'm caught back up on the graphics system (in the core anyway.) I hacked in logging really (kind of. I wrote some macros that boil down to OutputDebugString(), however I'll have these macros in the finished version, they'll just have different underlying code.)

Most of my time was spent getting graphics device creation setup with some of the more advanced features (like multisampling and a depth/stencil buffer) as well as trying to come up with a decent texture-caching system; what I ended up with is ok, but REALLY sloppy.

I can't really say I'm ahead or behind lol. In the stuff I've implemented I'm ahead of where I was, but I'm behind in the fact that some of the stuff I had implemented isn't done yet (like time management and color manipulation/storage.)

I'm really hoping that come this time tomorrow I'll have logging fully implemented and get all caught up.

Anyway, I decided that it was time for a screenshot. Doesn't really show much other than rendering (without alphablending turned on) and the screen-capture capabilities (the caption at the bottom is added via the core. I'm thinking this needs to be modified so that the image is a little bit bigger, that way the caption isn't on top of the image; thoughts?):

The very beginning...

Anyway, that's all for tonight.

Heh, I decided to go ahead and try to get logging implemented. It's...done...however, I'm going to take another crack at it when I get up. I took the last system I had and tried running with it, but I didn't like how it was laid out (was kind of hard to read.) It pretty much reads like your usual log:

[Beelz::Core::Graphics::CreateTextureFromFileEx()] core_graphics.cpp (168): Created the texture "Cursor.png" from the file "Cursor.png" (32x32x1) with the filter 'None' and mip-filter 'None'.

But with color coding (which makes it easier to separate one type of message from another.) The problem is when comments of the same type are mashed together (as is the situation with Comments.)

The gist of the system as of right now is I create a file, write a style, a HUGE javascript system, and then, whenever I log an event, I write a script like so:

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