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Weekly Sitrep

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No Wed Daily

Tiff asked me to do her Daily for her today, and I said sure - but then when I actually looked at the meager amount of news stories I had collected so far I realized whatever I wrote up for today would drain me for tomorrow. So that's why there was no Daily today. Seemed pointless for me to post a news item about that, though no doubt people were looking for it. I probably could have updated the Facebook/twitter.

On being a tease...

I think I went a bit too far here teasing V5 stuff. My bad. I don't mean to do it on purpose I promise and I'll be more careful about the hints that I drop in the future to keep you guys interested but without needing to speculate wildly.

Don't forget to keep an eye on Superpig's journal for updates. There hasn't been much but he's told me he'll be able to update it about twice a week - starting soon I hope. In the meantime he seems to be very active in the #gamedev channel, which you can access here (and get a little taste of V5 while you're at it) and is using channel members to quick test various things. So if you wanna be involved head on over there and lurk.

Intel free swag contest

I'm glad to finally be getting rid of some of this stuff that's been lying around, leftovers from conference swag bags that I've told myself I would find a use for, but haven't. Hopefully some of you can! Check out the contest details and then enter, because it's quick and easy and could net you some sweet swag.

So far there have been 22 entrants, which surpasses the number of bags we have to give out - so it's down to random drawings!

Other GDNet past promo items that we could not include in the swag bags, unfortunately, were: GDnet ping pong balls, GDNet gum, GDNet shirts and GDNet pens.

New Resources

There was supposed to be some coverage from the Paris AI Games conference this week, but that's still being prepped by the author. Hopefully it will be up no later than next Wed.

  • Image Space Lighting - An explanation of the theory behind and implementation of image space lighting, a technique that utilizes deferred lighting and rasterization to efficiently and accurately render hundreds of light sources in real time. This technique allows for complex lighting environments found in scenes with lampposts, lanterns, cities at night, light-emitting particle effects and other scenes with many light sources.

  • Crytek GmbH Presentations - A repository of lecture slides from Crytek engineers given at various game development conferences on a broad range of graphics and game development - with additional video and PDF documents
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I'm looking forward to V5! I cannot wait to see all of the new features. Keep up the great work GameDev! :D

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Shhhh! Don't say too much about the contest! You are lessening my chances of actually winning something [grin].

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Original post by johnhattan
The gamedev gum would've been pretty stale by now anyway.

Who cares? It's a collectors item! [wink] I wish I still had a pack...

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