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It's in, it's done... I've added the foreach extension to GameMonkey Script. I'm very pleased how it's turned out, actually.

There's two variants. The basic foreach() with a code block and one without the code block that stashes the items into a table.

foreach(item in items where())
// code

foreach(item in items where() into results);

So you can now write 'queries' such as:

entities = {
{ id=1, name="Glador", class="wizard", mana=100, hp=20 },
{ id=2, name="Bahr", class="warrior", mana=0, hp=100 },
{ id=3, name="Gandalf", class="wizard", mana=120, hp=50 },
{ id=4, name="SuperWizard", class="wizard", mana=150, hp=50 }

foreach(e in entities where (e.mana >= 100))
print(e.name, "has lots of mana");

foreach(e in entities where (e.class != "wizard"))
print(e.name, "is not a wizard");

foreach(e in entities where (e.class == "wizard") into wizards); // get all items that match into a table called 'wizards'

foreach(w in wizards where (e.hp > 30)) // query this new table
print(w.name, "has enough strength");

Very cool :)
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