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WTF Blind Muslim date

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Raymondo is chatting up with this 20 year old East Indian divorcee from London, and he decides to use MY name and MY pics while seducing her.

As you may have noticed (quoting The Alchemist now) she looks like MJ.

And guess what, Raymondo managed to get a date with her, to meet her at some weird place in front of a mosque in 45 minutes.

I wonder how long she's gonna wait there until she gives up. (for those who don't know, Raymondo is in central Canada)
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Little does he realize, but she *also* sent photographs of one of her friends, and actually lives in Calgary.

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In my professional opinion, this is funny as hell. And if you don't believe that I am capable of having a professional opinion (what with my not having a job), I would like to point out that I have a Ph.D in ROFLology from Sir Thomas Franklin University.

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Why don't you get an avatar, Mith? And why in the world do I have a rating that's only one point lower than yours? It's crazy, man.

Correction: I am now two points above you. This is so very wrong and is quite possibly proof that GameDev is bucking fonkers.

Yes, I meant to type that.

Another Correction: 3 points down. Hooray!

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