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Modern Text Rendering

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Jason Z


Modern Text Rendering

Lately I have been gathering my thoughts on how to add some more advanced text rendering capabilities to my engine. The D3D9 renderer uses the normal built in ID3DXFont class to render text, and the D3D11 doesn't have anything at the moment. The ID3DXFont class serves its purpose, but it only allows one color at a time and it doesn't allow for mixed text types such as a partially italicized sentences. So I will start looking for something new to use...

The recent additions to the DXSDK of DirectWrite and Direct2D sound quite appealing, and it would be interesting to investigate them further. My only qualms about using them would be the fact that they are only going to work on Vista and Win7. My opinion is that when Win7 comes out there won't be so many XP users out there, but there will still be some.

So anyways, I will start looking into these two technologies. At the same time, I'd like to consider alternatives. Does anyone out there know of D3D9 text libraries that allow for simple HTML or RTF formatting? I'd like to have the same implementation for all renderer types, but I'm open to having multiple implementations if it provides some benefit (like nice support on D3D9...).

So does anyone have some suggestions on where to look? Any personal experiences that you could share?
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