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Return to The Ship!

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In Ancient Galaxy, you have a spaceship that is used as a home base - a place to store, manufacture & analyze weapons & crystals, as well as a place to clone into an alien species.

We have been getting requests for the ability to go back to your spaceship without dying. Currently the only way to do this is to complete a level successfully and use a teleporter found in the level. Taken too far, the ability to go back on a whim has the potential to ruin the gameplay, but we see that it could be a good addition to the game if it is limited in some way.

One of the main changes that we will make is to change the way the Blue Rocks, Stones and Crystals work in order to provide this ability. The current behavior of the Blue Rescue crystal will be gone - that is, the ability to mark a location & return to it later upon death.

So, in the new version, your ship will gain the ability to pinpoint your location whenever you use a Blue Rock, Stone or Crystal. The ship's teleporter has difficulty locking on to a single lifeform next to a large planet filled with other lifeforms and a huge mass differential compared to your body, so the Blue crystal element acts as a focus for the ship's teleporter beam.

The crystal GUI will display the signal strength that the ship is experiencing in locating you, which is reduced by having other lifeforms or energy discharges nearby and being indoors or without a good view of the sky. Higher crystal strength ( Rock->Stone->Crystal ) will help the ship overcome this issue and beam you aboard with all of your equipment intact.

Your ship will require a recharge time so you cannot continually teleport back within a short timeframe.

If your signal strength is below 100%, there is a chance that the teleport will fail, and the ship will have to recharge to try again later, and your Blue Rock, Stone or Crystal is destroyed.
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