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Today, I managed to get ball and player collisions working but at the moment I only check for the top of the player and not the sides. I may leave it like this if side collisions never/rarely happen. I'm thinking this is lazy but surely there's a trade-off between implementing every possibility (no matter how infrequent) and getting it done?

I also managed to get a level loaded from a file using ifstream, which did not take as long as I expected. The level is saved in a text document with 0 = space and 1 = block but this will change with different numbers corresponding to a different colour block. In the code I have all the levels stored in Level[MAX_LEVEL_NUMBER][BLOCK_X][BLOCK_Y] but at the moment this contains one level while I finish the rest of the mechanics. Another thing I will need to add later to the text file and loading function are passwords.

Tomorrow, I plan to get ball-block collisions working with the block disappearing, although this may take a couple of extra days to get right.

Thanks for reading
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