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Life In Technicolor

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Well as you can see I have now got ball-block collisions working and different colour blocks implemented. All the different coloured blocks are in the same image file (unlike all the numbers I had for Two-Player Pong). And if I add more colours (or if I add powerups) I should only have to change const int MAX_BLOCK_COLOURS for it to work.

Things still left to do are:
  • Add score and lives (those will go in the orange box at the top)

  • Add the ability to go from level to level (this will also mean adding to the level loading function as it only loads one level)

  • Passwords (this will also need an alphabet to write with)

  • High scores (will also need an alphabet)

  • Powerups (possibly)

  • Over this 'weekend' of mine I hope to get the first two of these done. Hopefully getting numbers drawn up and writing with for the score will prepare me for the alphabet.

    One thing I am worried about is that the game is completely deterministic (ie as long as you keep hitting the ball it will go in exactly the same place). I can't remember if this is how games like this usually play? I could always randomise the velocity or position of the ball when it is generated if it's a problem. I'm leaning towards the latter solution at the moment.

    Thanks for reading.
    Any comments/suggestions?
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