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Peer review again...

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Bennu is back in peer review.

Here's a list of what changed since the last version:
- My cousin did all of the songs for Bennu, but one of them was originally written for a "Master of Orion"-style game I never finished. It had a singing part that I removed because the lyrics had nothing to do with Bennu.
- Instead of pressing "down" to roll on the ground, now you use "B", which is easier to do than moving the thumbstick. Many of these version changes were suggested by the guy who did "Weapon of choice" and is currently doing "Grapple Buggy", which is looking totally awesome.
- Now there's music playing on the tutorial.

Bugs fixed:
- Game no longer crashes on storage selection when playing with the second controller.
- All "key" references replaced by "button" (a vestigial mark from when Bennu was destined for the PC).
- The reason why you lost the level is now much more visible.
- The "New Game" button no longer asks for confirmation when no progress has been made.

Hope it passes this time, if it does please try it. :P
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