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First day at work

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Well, as the title suggests I had my first day as a proper permanent-contract honset game developer today. Nothing particularly exciting happened. I got to find out what project I'm working on - the game is finishing up beta and last bugs, I think it's about 3 weeks before master submission. After that I'm on another very similar project for about 4 months and after THAT, as my boss says, comes the fun stuff.

I'm very carefully hedging my language to avoid breaking any NDAs, but suffice it to say I'm not going to be posting any fascinating insights here in the next few months.

I took around to see if I could find any appropriate docs for DX, but didn't find anything in particular that suits my needs. I'm hoping ideally for something that covers the libraries for someone who's fairly experienced and knows enough about graphics programming and coding in general to simply read up on the basics, but with a little more detail and order than simply reading an API reference. Basically me, having already learned a good deal of general stuff from OpenGL, the pure reference is a little too dry, but something that starts from the start is a little too slow :). I'm picky, I know!

I may well try and hack something simple together and jump into the official tutorial somewhere around when it introduces effects management, I'm not sure just yet. Feel free to send any links my way if you think it'd do me well.
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