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Weekly Sitrep

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Not a whole lot to talk about this week. That's not to say there isn't a lot going on, just not a lot for me to talk about here that is relevant to you. It's not that I can't talk about it, I just assume you wouldn't be interested in the mundane business involved with operating this site day in and day out. Whoops, did I just call my job mundane? total awesome amazing awesomeness that occurs on a daily basis around here.

Okay so it's just been a relatively slow week, that's all. That's kinda what summer is like for me. Ain't complainin' - more time to play Sims 3.

V5 rolls on

Since I said I was gonna shut up about V5 for the time being, I'll let superpig take over for me. He's much better qualified to do this than I am anyways. His latest journal update talks about the new V5 tagging system, which was mentioned in this thread. C'mon tell me this doesn't sound cool as hell:
Original post by Aardvajk
So rather than [categories like] Game Programming, DirectX and XNA etc, I'll be able to have my own Aardvajk's Interests that pulls up any topics that relate to [tags] I've selected?

Original post by superpig
Yep, this is why the tags have weights applied. You'll be able to express Aardvajk's Interests as a set of weighted tags: maybe you want it mostly about graphics, and a bit about AI and gameplay programming; you also don't want to include content that is newbie-oriented (where the participants are lowly tagged in the areas that the content is tagged in). That can be saved as your own custom saved search, can generate RSS feeds, notifications, and so on.

The quality of the results will probably be a bit lackluster at first, but will improve over time. I've got lots of ideas about how the system can calculate relevance, and about how users can train it to be better...

Read his journal entry for the full story on V5 tagging.

Intel Swagbag - 1 week left!

Just a reminder there's only 1 week left to put your name in the hat for an Intel messenger bag stuffed with free stuff - check out the contest details for more.

New Resources

Yea last week kind didn't pan out the way we would have liked, so nothing went up, but this week kicked off with a great batch of summaries from Stefan Maton about the Paris Game AI Conference.
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About the same as I reported last week. Haven't been much if any past the initial surge when the contest was announced. Your chances remain good.

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