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RGDK Mark 3

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Ok, I got the redesign down on paper, I just need to get it implemented. I stripped all of the trivial stuff (like my string ops, math stuff, time management, etc) and put them in my own little tool box library. I also added a few other things that I hadn't implemented yet (like my property bag system.)

Most of my time was spent coming up with ideas that didn't pan out or did, but weren't very useful or 'good.'

So, I'm going to start working on mark 3 tomorrow night. I'll keep you updated.

Just wanted to point out that I'm not rewriting the whole thing (or starting from scratch.) The general idea is that I'm taking what I have and combining it, taking out the stuff that doesn't need to be there, and moving on from there. Very little of it will have to be rewritten.

On a side note, Fable 2 isn't getting any more of my money. I've bought both expansions and neither were worth the $12.50 USD (plus tax.) I finished both within an hour and a half (with wandering around.) Plus, this one didn't really add that much extra content item-wise. A bunch of dyes...YAY! Not -_-

In total (from what I found) you get 6 costumes, 1 weapon (which is actually decent), a ton of dyes, 4 dog-breed potions, (if you're adventurous) a dog collar, and a special item at the very end (which you need to get the weapon.)

Not even close to being worth $12.50 imo.
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