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Tangent: Visibility, Part 2

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Part 1

The change so that private fields get their own storage is finished. I need to review some of the other visibility related things (name lookup for standalone fields, method dispatch) to finish that snippet of changes. Then will be a release.

A nice side effect of this private field storage change was fixing the bug that prevented static member's initializers from working.

The test/target code for the change:

public class foo{
private int x = 4;

public foox()=>void{
print x;

public class bar{
private int x = 9;

public barx()=>void{
print x;

public class foobar:foo, bar{}

public static main()=>void{
local foobar tmp = new foobar;

// print tmp.x; // properly does not compile.

[edit: Also, some documentation regarding the algorithm used to infer the order of operations.]
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