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Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

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Today, I used Aardvajk's method of printing the score, which he outlined yesterday. It was quick and simple to implement and is working perfectly. So thanks for that. [smile]

The only other thing I have done today is my second bullet point (from a couple of days ago): multiple levels. I can now load more than one level at a time and when one is completed it will move to the next (as long as it wasn't the last one). The change needs a bit of work as when one level disappears, the next just appears and the ball travels on as before.

Unfortunately, even though I did as much as I had planned to do these past couple of days, I could have done more. I have out as many hours of work into it as I could have done. Oh well it doesn't matter too much.

Anyway, I've been noticing a few problems with my ball-block and ball-player collisions (eg ball hits the left/right of the block it reacts as if it hit the top/bottom, ball sometimes passes through the corners) so tomorrow (and probably the day after) I'm going to try and implement a better collision system.

Thanks for reading.
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