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  • Random observation of the day!
    No one really reads this, do they?

Anyways, I'm still working hard on my current project: CODENAME SKYNET!!!

I will now pull a Valve

Const e = 2.71828182845905

Public Function limiterFunc(weightedSum As Double, limiterFunction As Long) As Double
'this is the basic function that contains all the limiter
'functions. Put it in here to keep everything clutter-free.

Dim tmp As Double

Select Case limiterFunction
Case 0
'default function - step function

'if it's less than 0, return 0
If weightedSum <= 0 Then
limiter = 0
Exit Function

'if its greater than 0, return 1
ElseIf weightedSum > 0 Then
limiter = 1
Exit Function
End If

Case 1
'Sigmoid Function
tmp = 1 / (1 + e ^ (-1 * weightedSum))
'Debug.Print tmp
limiterFunc = tmp
'Debug.Print limiterFunc

Exit Function

Case Else
'something weird going on
Debug.Print "Invalid limiter function used..."
End Select
End Function

Have a nice day!
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Recommended Comments

What do you mean 'pull a Valve'? Also, what is 'limiter'? Should it not be 'limiterFunc'?

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Well, I read it. Ummm, red... Grrr.. There's no past tense of read that's different spelling then read. Hrmmm, I give up.

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"Pull a Valve" = inadventently disclose source
"limiter..." = read next line - I didn't bother to put VB in the source tag; it's a comment

But wow... someone does read these.

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