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Flocking behavior

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Staffan E


Flocking behavior

Weekend again. I pushed on and finished the basic implementation of alignment behavior, and with that flocking (separation, cohesion and alignment) is up and running. I'm not perfectly happy with it but it's a tweaking issue and I want to draw a line here and push on to more critical things, like implementing intercollisions and then the rest of the former enemy functionality.


Check out the video clip. Here the enemies have flocking behavior plus seek behavior aimed at the player. You can see how they stick together and try to move as a flock. They overlap quite a lot so the separation part probably needs to be magnified, especially since their speeds should be higher too. The jittery motion could be solved by increasing the mass of the subjects by a factor ten. Still there is some spinning and I consider adding an inertia moment to the physical model. As I said I could tweak this forever if I wouldn't hold myself back.

This need for tweaking however has pushed the need for a scripting system so that item has jumped up a few more priority notches. I've begun marking up sections of code that is ready to migrate to a script file.
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