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I got quite a bit of the font library done last night. I also just got the changes and bug fixed that I mentioned last night. There are a few more things I need to do before it would be usable, but I can write text to the screen already.

My current todo list for it:
* Get kerning, formatting, & alignment in (I mispoke when I said I had kerning in. I have it loading from the file, but it's not being used yet.)
* Decide on a coloring system:
Not sure how I want to handle this really. I usually have a color-table system and I like how that works.
* Get scaling in.
* Get clipping in.
* Decide whether or not I want shadow support.
* Get an index-buffer involved in the batching.
* Add functions so that I can react to device-lost and device-resets.

I'm pretty sure I can have most of that done tonight. Formatting & alignment will probably take the longest.

Anyway, it's time for work.

I wasn't sure what to name it, so I've just named it GameFontLib for now (the actual class being GameFont.) I might change it later; iunno.
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