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Hong Kong

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iPhone 3GS
So much for the two week release date. I did get my iPhone 3GS on time. I did not however, get my number transferred immediately due to the fact that I'm always the exception to any rule. I love the phone though and am so glad that it works as well as I had hoped. After lugging around the Google G1 for so long it's nice to have something that works the way it's supposed to.

Market Research
The greatest thing about developing games for a living is that all the stuff I enjoy doing I get to write off as a business expense. I had to buy Prototype to perform some market research on my competitors. This is a game I've been waiting for for two years now and I can't say that I was disappointed. As always, I think some of the achievements are a little ridiculous but I'm just glad that I've gotten over the whole 'must get every achievement' completionist phase. My only complaints are that 1) People I need to consume to get all of the Web of Intrigue completed keep dying (sometimes right in front of me before I get to them) and 2) I don't get to keep all of my powers when I restart a new game.

Domain of Heroes. For a free web-based RPG it isn't bad. I've actually found a few elements that I would like to incorporate into some of my own games in the future. What I'm not crazy about however is the fact that I can't forge better items until I spend 'wishes' so that I can carry enough materials to do so. As a person that doesn't really spend a lot of time networking with other players online, this kind of sucks for me. Click here if you want to check it out. And if you buy any wishes of your own it'll help me get some referral points to get over my little inventory dilemma.

Hong Kong
I'm out here doing research for another location in iHero. I think I've nailed down the areas that I'm going to use in the game. The hope is to generate enough interest that I can continue providing weekly updates whether they are new items, powers, features, or locations. I'm a big fan of player-generated content and would love to have a community that has constant input as to the direction the game takes.

So far I've had a problem getting the new in app purchasing functionality working for the new iPhone OS. It appears that everything has been configured properly but iTunes doesn't actually seem to be returning any products to the application. Since it's a new feature there doesn't appear to be much in the way of tutorials or help either besides the one-page description in the Store Kit Programmer's Guide.

Also, I'm looking at using Pinch Media to help do some statistics tracking for the application. Does anyone know if this is the best one to use? It's been the only one suggested to me so far so I can only assume it's the 'industry standard'.

I revamped this screen again. I have no idea why I thought it looked good with those giant yellow buttons the first time but when you guys see me post something that gaudy, do me a favor and flame me so I change it. Here is the new vs the old edit hero screen:

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