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Learnt My Lesson Well

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High Scores are out! (As are powerups but these were only ever a pipe dream). This is due to the fact I hadn't properly planned them in advance and it was all getting a bit overwhelming and extremely messy. But they *will* be in the next game as I will properly plan them. This unfortunately makes the title screen even more bare so I will have to change that.

Instead of giving the player a high score I will give them a percentage of the maximum score they can achieve so they at least know how well they have done.

Otherwise, I haven't done a lot. Yesterday I made sure the level transition occured after the final level so that the player gets a congratulations before I pass it to the new GameOver state which will tell them their final score no matter if they win or lose. I will probably have different messages for winning and losing though.

Tomorrow, I will try get this over and done with by finishing the GameOver state, adding sounds and drawing levels.

This project started off well but has quickly become frustrating as I didn't have a detailed plan. At least I will have a finished game and I will pick myself up, learn from my mistakes and onto the next project.

Thanks for reading.
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