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Ok, I finally uploaded the demo! I also have a new name that's much more fitting for me than this 'robot' business. Thank you Drew!

Demo (win32)

If you want to fly, just hop on one of the green guys and start shooting them. Stickybombs ('n' key) are the best for keeping them away from you. There's an elusive bug involving the stickybomb, so be warned. I've been experimenting with a slow-mode, just hold down the spacebar! You can jump really high while in slow-mode, but it works fairly well despite some inconsistencies.

I have everything load from the resource files now, not just images and sounds. Just try and steal them now! :) I'm not actually worried about having my mediocre assets stolen, but I'm glad I know how to pack things into a resource file now. I've learned some important lessons about using iostreams and stringstreams instead of the stdio methods. It took a few heap corruptions before I really dug in and fixed my old ways.

I'm aware of the goofy animation that happens when you run and dash at the same time. I haven't touched the player control code in a long time. After I finalize the basic character movement (with the physics), the animations will be tight, and blend together nicely. I'm going to change the look of the character, and everything else for that matter. A concept silohuette is on the main menu. The menu background color will randomize every execution (seeded with a value in stat.xml based on the number of executions).

I haven't fixed a few issues with the tools, and they don't use the resource files, so they might blow up on you. Its best to avoid them for now.
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