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Hate This And I'll Love You

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Breakout is released ...and it's awful [razz]. The sound effect I've used is annoying, the collision detection isn't perfect and there are proably a bunch of other things wrong with it. But otherwise it's done. I know this is lazy but due to a lack of detailed planning it all went Pete Tong. Obviously I will take any criticism/suggestions on board so that this wasn't a complete disaster. The source code is also included if you want to take a look.

There are seven levels and you get a percentage score when you get Game Over or Game Complete. I playtested the game so I can guarantee that it's possible to get 100%. So after 14 days and 2955 lines of code I can safely say I have learnt something. Plan, plan and plan again. In particular I had problems with working out which parts of the code needed the same constants and variables and I'm sure I ended up declaring more than I needed.

Next, I will start on the Shmup with a detailed plan. I will try and write a rough draft (like the one for Breakout) tomorrow before I then go on and work out what classes I need etc. I will also have to look up (and will write small programs for) things I don't know how to do (eg scrolling). So this is going to be a reasonably big project. (I can't help but feel a bit silly saying this after Breakout [rolleyes]).

I also plan on reading up a bit to cover my lack of real computer science education.

Thanks for reading and I welcome any comments on Breakout.
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Recommended Comments

Nice job on completing your game! The only things I would change would be allowing the ball to start in the middle of your pad and by pressing the space bar you launch it because if it goes down and you're way over on the left side and the next ball comes out, it could hit a block and go right back down before you can get there. The other thing I would of changed would be adding a backspace feature for your password entry.

Nice work! :)

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Thanks for the feedback MrCpaw. I hadn't thought about either of those things to be honest. Getting backspace to work on the password screen shouldn't be too hard (I've just done it now) but the other thing I think would require a lot of work. So I think I will leave that problem. It's written down on my notes though, just in case I come back to it.

I think in future, as well, I will release demoes along the way, when making a game, just to catch this sort of thing. Otherwise, this happens. Where I don't really want to touch the code again but there is atill a problem. So my excuse is... Another lesson learned. [rolleyes]

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It wouldn't be to hard to add in. Once the ball goes out of the play area, put it's location at the paddle / 2 for the x and above the paddle for the y value, then wait until the space button is pressed to move the ball to the top right. I'm guessing you have it by default going out at an angle so you don't have to program in all that fancy stuff.

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You were right [smile] - it didn't take too long. I was thinking I would have to add a stop function and all sorts of stuff but I have managed to hack something together. Thanks a lot.

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Hmm - Let me see here...

- Extracts -

Probably shouldn't have had the src, and then a sub-folder for the game, but moving on...

Exe could probably use an icon.

Seperate folder for image/data files to make EXE quicker to find.


It runs instantly, first time, with no configuration, no loading, and no installation - A big +1 there :)

Programmer art (I like the walls! :) ) - Interesting that you left the... "Font" in MS-Paint - Makes the score look relaxed :)

First thing I notice after I start is that you can't start where your ball launches (Common in breakout games for the user to examine the level), it just starts.

Sound is lagged (1 second or so)

It follows breakout paddle-angle rules (Which is good)

You have lives which work(Although after dying your ball randomly just starts - Although upwards is good) - And a scoring system (Would be nice for a "High Score" option to appear on the main menu)

Level design is interesting (I ran through the password file)

All in all, a very good effort!

Possible Improvements:

- No Sound Lag
- Power ups (Longer / Shorter Paddle / More Balls)
- Different Blocks (2-3 hits to break, cannot be broken)
- High Scores Menu

- Reelix

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Sorry, I've just seen your reply Reelix. Many thanks for the feedback. Having the ball randomly restart after death has been changed in the new version. Also, I did plan on putting high scores in but didn't get around to it till the end, by which time I had no clue (the same with powerups). But high scores will be in the next game.

I'll take the point that I should have images, sounds etc. in different folders for easier navigation. And I need to solve the sound lag problem (which I also had with Two Player Pong).

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