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Weekly Sitrep

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Holy crap it's July, and holy crap 2009 is half-over. Holy crap!!

MVP Time

The latest batch of DirectX/XNA MVPs have been announced by Microsoft and a new addition this year from the GDNet community is moderator/contributor and SlimDX developer Promit Roy. Congrats Promit! That's like, the fourth time I've congratulated him today, so it's probably wearing a bit thin by now, haha. There's twitter, Facebook, over IM... But hey, he earned it.

We have a number of DirectX/XNA MVPs here on the GDNet forums. Many of them you will recognize with a tag next to their username that denotes them as such. Several though don't have that because the tag is superseded by a Staff or Moderator tag. We'll be solving that in V5, of course. Here are the MVPs you'll see around the forums:

Richard "superpig" Fine
Jon "hplus0603" Watte
Wolfgang "wolf" Engel
Steve "Evil Steve" Macpherson
Jim "Machaira" Perry
Pieter "Armadon" Germishuys
Ralf "Demirug" Kornmann
John "Krisc" Sedlak
Richard "legalize" Thomson
Nick "NickGravelyn" Gravelyn
Gilad "sirob" Eisenberger
Jack "jollyjeffers" Hoxley
Andy "thezbuffer" Dunn
Matt "MJP" Pettineo

Wow, quite the list eh?

Intel Contest over

In just a few hours, the Intel schwag bag giveaway will come to a close, and I will be announcing winners sometime tomorrow. Good luck to all who entered!

Contest details

New Resources

  • Interview with PushButton Labs - We interview Ben Garney, one of the lead developers behind the new Flash gaming engine being developed by PushButton Labs, many of whom are former employees of Garage Games.

  • SlickEdit 2009 - SlickEdit is one of the most longest-lived and most feature-rich text editors out there. What's new? Check out the review and see.
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So... have they drawn for the Intel bags of swag yet?

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Original post by Gaiiden
You don't skim posts very well do you? [wink]

I expected him in the list below that too, i didn't see it above [grin]

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