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Develop! Build! Action!

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Well, I got the rest of my development environment setup this evening. I'm currently running Visual Studio 2003 for IDE, NAnt for building, NDoc for documentation generation, NUnit for unit testing, and CVS NT for source control.

I'm hoping that once I get another server here in the office, I can set up CruiseControl.Net to get some continuous integration / nighly build love happening for all my projects. It will be a while until I get another box here to act as my build server, so on the back burner goes that project :).

Anyways, now with the full environment setup I'm hoping I can crank out the first article on Managed World. It will be about setting up the development and build environment for a new project. Once that's out of the way, I hope to make some more progress on my 2d-engine code-named "Harvest" (stupid, I know :P) in order to allow me to make even more progress on the other articles that I would like to get up in place on Managed World.

I'm starting to think that with my schedule it might take until Christmas time to get Managed World really cooking. But at least once it is cooking, the real rollercoaster will start :D.

And not that it matters in the least, but I got the "links" section up on Managed World. I figure any progress is good progress at this stage. Just as long as I don't let this project die out :).
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